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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

new blog!

Just to let anyone who passes by I m now on a new blog as I was unable to change my URL name,as it is very simular to another blogger.....
If you wish to find me my link is;

Hope you find me!xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gorgeous Crochet Rose!!

Hi there, Yesterday I came upon Coco rose' s blog and her recent post on hearts and roses....I ve been looking for a rose tutorial for ages the one I had only produced a very small rose. Vanessa very kindly helped me out and showed me where to go and this morning I made a scrummy large rose and I'm so happy:)!
I wanted to make these for my crochet hangers and to make a little broach for my bag and I  am so glad I did!
It took me about 1 hour but soooo worth it!!

If you havent already, take a look at Vannessa s blog its Beautiful!!

Thankyou Coco Rose Diaries,

Hope you have a great day ,

Friday, 6 May 2011

Happy birthday Hubby!!

Today is my Hubby s 45th birthday,so Happy Birthday Hun! Hope you have a great day! We got him some of his favourite wine ,choccies and a yummy chocolate cake for later on.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cooking Cotoletti.(Chicken in breadcrumbs)!

Hi there, I thought I 'd show you what I am cooking today. Cotoletti ,or Chicken in breadcrumbs.
 I'm married to an Italian man so have some great recipies carried down from my husbands side and thought Id share some with you over the next few weeks....
 Italians are very thrifty cooks and can make very economical and nutritious meals for very little money.
Firstly, I keep any bread thats left over to make into breadcrumbs, basically I dry the stale bread out in my top oven for about a week ,the top oven becomes hot when I cook in the bottom oven.

When its become hard and crispy I store in an air tight container until I need to use it.
You can make the breadcrumbs with a food processor or I use my old fashioned grater on the small hole side.

I bought a pack of 4 chicken breasts and cut each breast into around 3 or  4 pieces  per breast.

After a wash bash the pieces with a mallet or rolling pin ,I put them into a plastic bag .

After bashing they become longer and thinner.....

Dip into a beaten egg and  then the breadcrumbs then shallow fry for around 10 minutues ,on a medium heat ,turning half way,until golden and crispy.Four breasts made all this.

We serve with an Italian leaf salad,tomatoes and  a wedge of lemon. Hope you enjoy if you decide to make some!xx

Monday, 2 May 2011

Toadstools,fairies & pixies.

From as far back as I can remember I ve loved anything to do with fairies,pixies and Toadstools. I think it all started when visiting my cousin Becky at her house she had a cute little toadstool moneybox with a key,I think we were about 5 or 6, Oh, how I wanted one of those!!

I never did until much later and now I have toadstools and fairies all over my garden!

I even have them in the house!!

And I love fairies, I love how magical they are..........

For Christmas ,my daughter bought me toadstool chocolates and made me a toadstool decoration for the tree ,the chocolates are yummy, but look to good to eat so I may just keep them in my toadstool jar!!

Have a lovely day!juliexx

P.s. Just found the picture of the toadstool package I had from my daughter at christmas....


Sunday, 1 May 2011

My favourite blogs.

Isn't it wonderful when you come across a blog that you just cant stop reading.When I came across Lucy s blog (Attic 24) I literally lost hours.
As you read back and back through the archives its like reading a really good book ,one that you cant put down!

I only came across Blogs last year ,when reading my favourite magazine Country homes & Interiors.It featured a lady called Helen of Busy Bee studios .In the homes & interiors section ,Lavender Cottage.

OOh how I love drooling over other peoples homes and my favourite type being Cottages. I actually live in a 15 year old house,but my decorating inside is more cottage chic,plenty of granny blankets,painted furniture,etc. But one day I 'd love to own my very own country cottage.

I love Lucy s blog also because she has the most fantastic crochet patterns that she shares for free and she has a wonderful way with words when writing,Check it out if you havent already.

Today is the last day of the Easter holidays so we are making the most of it by going out to eat today,which is great because I actually get a day off cooking!! I like cooking ,but find it diffucult sometimes to think of different meals to have,especially with fussy teenage children,one doesnt like this and one doesnt like that,I 'm lucky though hubby eats anything I put in front of him!!

Hope you have a lovely day,julie.x

Friday, 29 April 2011

Congratulations to the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Well wasnt it FABULOUS,so emotional,oh how proud I was today, to be British!

With a big pot of tea we settled down to watch the wedding , without leaving for one minute!
Catherine looked absolutley stunning........

As did William.......

A match made in Heaven.

Good luck to the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge,wishing you every happiness, sniff,sniff,

Royal wedding fever!

The Tension is mounting,cant wait to see the dress.
 Mums on her way over,buntings up,kettles on,so exciting!

Can't wait for 11.00 !!

Are you watching?

love juliexx