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Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Duck is back!

Every year since we have lived in this house ,which isnt far from a huge lake and park, we have a pair of ducks visit our garden,the kids named them Daffy and  Daisy years ago. Last year was the first year they didnt come as we relocated the pond and had a conservatory built , so there was a lot going on.

I was so happy today as Daffy s back! Usually Daisy follows, I ll keep you posted!!

The ponds not looking so great we need to get some new plants established, Daffy doesnt seem to mind,though.
bye for now,have a great day!! .xx

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  1. Hi Thanks for stopping by. Definately have a go at the Japanese flowers as they're really easy once you get going on them. I just blew up the picture on Lucy's blog and then worked out the stitches, mainly trebles and ss.