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Friday, 22 April 2011

japenese flowers/tea cup coaster?

hi there, I spent a little time yesterday out in the warm sunshine trying to make a Japenese crochet flower.What do you think? went a bit frilly at the edge,but hey ho will make a great tea cup mat?

Must keep practising.Hope you all have a great day!lots of love,julie xxx

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  1. Hi Julie - I found you through Helen - hope you don`t mind me joining you! Your Japanese Flower is lovely - I think it may have gone frilly because you`ve got too many sets of 8 dc around the edge - I think you`re only supposed to have 12 altogether - though one of mine ended up with 13!Great practise though. I`m not sure what to make mine into - my DIL thought I was making coasters too so the thought of wearing a string of coasters around my neck seemed a bit daft, so a scarf`s out!I think they may end up over the back of my sofa!Have a good Easter.