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Saturday, 23 April 2011

spring garden.

Back at the begining of the year I watched the series life in a cottage garden with Carol Klein.Her attitutude to gardening is infectious and I was thouroughly inspired.

For the first time this year I bought a couple of packets of seeds.Lupin,Dahlia,Foxglove and Sunflowers. I thought I d give it a go. My mum gave me her old  small greenhouse that she wasnt using and I got started.

And look whats happened for the first time in my life I ve actually grown something,now lets just hope they get some flowers some where along the line!

 It will be a lot cheaper than buying plants from garden centres .
 Its the little things in life that are exciting me at the moment.Has anyone out there been planting seeds this year?
I loved one of the thrifty tips on Nana Go-go s site yesterday, keeping lolly pop sticks to use as markers and keeping yougart pots and tubs to use as planters,I d already been doing this ,but kept hubby s lolly stick last night.Brilliant!

Have a great day,lots of love ,


  1. HIya, I have just doscovered your blog and like it very much :) I will be adding you to my blog roll. Take care and have a great Easter weekend :) xx

  2. Hi Julie, isn't it great when the seeds start showing signs of life? - you'll get lots of other great gardening tips from the other ladies who were joining in with Thrifty Week over on my friend Betty@MrsYappyDog`s sidebar. Those little greenhouses are really handy, aren`t they?Have a great weekend, Julie. (love your Easter display too!)