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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cooking Cotoletti.(Chicken in breadcrumbs)!

Hi there, I thought I 'd show you what I am cooking today. Cotoletti ,or Chicken in breadcrumbs.
 I'm married to an Italian man so have some great recipies carried down from my husbands side and thought Id share some with you over the next few weeks....
 Italians are very thrifty cooks and can make very economical and nutritious meals for very little money.
Firstly, I keep any bread thats left over to make into breadcrumbs, basically I dry the stale bread out in my top oven for about a week ,the top oven becomes hot when I cook in the bottom oven.

When its become hard and crispy I store in an air tight container until I need to use it.
You can make the breadcrumbs with a food processor or I use my old fashioned grater on the small hole side.

I bought a pack of 4 chicken breasts and cut each breast into around 3 or  4 pieces  per breast.

After a wash bash the pieces with a mallet or rolling pin ,I put them into a plastic bag .

After bashing they become longer and thinner.....

Dip into a beaten egg and  then the breadcrumbs then shallow fry for around 10 minutues ,on a medium heat ,turning half way,until golden and crispy.Four breasts made all this.

We serve with an Italian leaf salad,tomatoes and  a wedge of lemon. Hope you enjoy if you decide to make some!xx


  1. They look very tasty!

    More recipes please esp any fish or veggie Italian dishes :)

    Sft x

  2. Will do my best :) , and thanks for your lovely comments,sft.xx

  3. Thanks so much for such a simple recipe and beautifully explained.It's on the menu for tomorrow's dinner.Anne x

  4. Thanks so much Anne,I hope you enjoy it!lots of love,julie.xx

  5. wow, i am going to have a go this weekend xx helen x